Enterprise Pharmacy POS Infographic

With the expansion of ambulatory and specialty pharmacy services to increase both health care and profit outcomes, pharmacies have become more than dispensaries. They are an important part of the patient continuum of care. CORE’s Enterprise Pharmacy POS Solution helps transform pharmacies into patient-centric profit centers.

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CORE’s fully-integrated solution is purpose-built to leverage the power of your host system to optimize dispense-to-payment workflows. The POS and the pharmacy management system are integrated in such a way that the experience is singular for your patients and staff. The connector extends the reach of your pharmacy for the collection of patient payments across the pharmacy revenue cycle and patient transition of care settings.

See how CORE’s Enterprise Pharmacy POS Solution works to:

Optimize the Dispense: Transform your pharmacy into a patient-centric profit center leveraging the power of your existing systems.

Expand Revenue: Drive new sources of revenue by expanding into diversified and profitable opportunities, such as Meds to Beds and home delivery programs.

Ensure Compliance: Provides enhanced audit controls and tracking of dispense throughout the fill and delivery lifecycle.