Why Self-Service Technology Is Good For Your Business

July 14, 2022

Self-service technology is everywhere. From parking garage ticketing to grocery store self-checkout, the idea of self-service is omnipresent. It’s common, but increasingly desired. Adding self-service payment to your business is a win-win. Your customers get the experience, and you reap the benefits.

What Is Self-Service Payment?

Consumers use self-service payment to facilitate payments independently. This payment type can take different forms, including kiosks or online payments. The main idea is to give customers control, but there’s usually some assistance available. For check-out kiosks, there’s an attendant nearby to help with technological errors, and customers can call a helpline for online payments. 

Self-service can look vastly different for every business. For example, a kiosk at a grocery store will function a lot differently than a kiosk at a medical office. The different types of self-service kiosks are: 

  • Self-order
  • Check-in
  • Point-of-sale
  • Ticketing
  • Bill payment

How Does Self-Payment Work?

In-person payment kiosks guide customers through payment processes step-by-step with on-screen instructions. This system is very similar to the payment process consumers experience at any standard register with an employee, so there isn’t a big learning curve for people using one for the first time. 

Online billing can work in several ways. Businesses can set up online payment portals, use electronic billing via email, send Text-2-Pay links, and more. These processes generally involve a company sending a link and instructions electronically to their customers. 

What Are the Business Benefits?

There are so many reasons to use self-service in your business. When you give consumers control, you decrease the work you and your team need to perform. Here are some of the advantages of implementing self-service payment solutions:

  • Boost your reputation: Keeping up with technology is expected of any good business and includes access to current payment solutions for your customer base. 
  • Keep up with customers’ wants: 59% of consumers aged 18-34 use self-checkout regularly when available. Self-service is becoming more of a preference, especially among the younger population. 
  • Increase productivity: With fewer employees needed to manage check-ins, ticketing, and check-out processes, your employees will be free to complete other tasks and get more done. Time is money. 
  • Increase revenue: Because self-service takes up significantly less space in stores, your business can serve more customers simultaneously. 
  • Reduce costs: With fewer employees needed to assist with self-service options, you can also expect to reduce your costs. Revenue increase along with cost reduction optimizes your profits. 

How Can Payment Kiosks Improve the Customer Experience?

In addition to being beneficial to you, your customers will experience some perks. Lines and wait times tend to be much lower with self-service. When you eliminate waiting for your customers, they tend to be happier about their experience.

There also tends to be increased accuracy regarding self-service because the consumer is in control and knows what they want. When mistakes occur, the consumer is more likely to catch them when reviewing an order themself. Overall, self-service makes your life easier and improves the customer experience.

Level-up with CORE’s Payment Solutions

Give your customers the convenience they deserve while decreasing your organization’s workload. No matter your business, there’s a self-service payment solution to fit your needs. CORE will support you through this transition and provide top-tier, professional payment solutions services. Contact CORE today to get started!

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