Why Secure Copiers are an Office Must-Have

Why Secure Copiers are an Office Must-Have

  • 8 Mar, 2019
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With countless security threats to your business data, it is natural to focus on computers and networks; however, a narrow approach to security can leave your information vulnerable to hackers who seek to seek your data. When businesses overlook the security of their printers and copier, they fail to safeguard their systems completely.

Similar to laptops and smart devices, printers and copiers communicate over your network. Also, many of these print devices contain hard drives that store personal information on them. If your print equipment is not adequately secured, it leaves the door open for access to your network, and, in turn, private businesses data.

Network Security Best Practices

Every device on your network, including printers and copiers, should be treated just like a computer when it comes to security. Basic measures include password protection and limited, authorized access. Limiting access is a great way to prevent print abuse and know precisely who is printing on which our device and when. Plus, networked printers can be made invisible to anyone who is not an authorized user, which mean hackers are not able to discover them on your network.

Since no printer or copier is perfect, making sure the firmware is regularly updated can go a long way to securing your data, as hackers will always look for low-hanging fruit, such as out-of-date software or lax security measures.

Secure and Save

With your devices fully secured, you can be confident in the integrity of your network and enjoy the benefits of having your devices connected and accessible. Save money and reduce costs with network-based printing and copying by eliminating unnecessary or redundant equipment. One powerful network-based printer can cost-effectively serve an entire department or a small office. And, fewer devices means less required maintenance and supplies.

Remember, most things in life that promise convenience, still require oversight and responsibility. If copiers and printers are vulnerable, so too is your network and data.

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