A Better Way for Your Customers to Pay

Introducing Routeware Pay, a simple, secure ACH and card processing solution for waste and recycling organizations.

What is Routeware Pay?

Designed specifically for municipalities and private waste haulers,

Routeware Pay lets you easily and securely process all your customer payments

from within your back-office billing system.

Easier to Manage

Simplify your process by integrating payments with your billing system. Remove the need to manage banks and additional payment gateways.

More Secure

Make payments more secure and compliant with industry standards to protect you and your customers from financial loss.

Faster Funding

Speed up the time to turn payments into cash, with faster, direct funding that’s not dependent on your bank. 

Key Features

Billing System Integration

Take ACH and card payments and get transaction reports directly in your billing system.

Customer Digital Wallet

Provide positive customer experiences with a secure, convenient digital wallet to store multiple cards and ACH payments.

PCI Level 1 Compliance

Take the risk out of protecting customer card data with the highest level of industry compliance.

Automated ACH Billing

Reduce time and errors when processing recurring payments with automated ACH billing.

Next Day Funding on Cards

Avoid cash flow delays with next-day access to funds on card transactions.  

How We Compare

Getting Started is Easy

To find out more about how Routeware Pay could help make payments easier and quicker for you and your customers, get in touch now.

Experts from Routeware and our payments service partner, CORE, will be in touch to understand your specific goals and needs to recommend a payments solution just for you.