Revenue Management: Healthcare Solutions

Today, in addition to the mission of tending to the physical and mental healthcare of patients, institutions must also be very concerned about the financial health of their organizations. Operating in the toughest regulatory, insurance and economic environment to date, healthcare institutions have no room for inefficiencies in their revenue management process.

CORE can help with Healthcare Solutions.

Collecting co-pays, self-pays and deductibles at the point of service is just the beginning of what CORE can do for today’s healthcare provider. CORE’s 20 years of experience with revenue management helps us to collaborate with clients and design creative solutions for complex problems in the unforgiving healthcare environment.

CORE’s revenue management healthcare solutions offer integration with popular information and financial systems for end-to-end payment update, verification and auditing. CORE’s choices of web- or Windows-based solutions, or both, serve the healthcare industry with the best options for collecting all billed revenue.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your Healthcare Solution needs thoroughly and show how we can help.