Business Center

The iPayment Enterprise Business Center is a feature-rich, 24/7 business center that processes end-user payments over the Internet. Employing an extremely flexible user interface, the Business Center integrates web-based commerce into the client’s environment to visually appear seamless with the organization’s website. Credit card, debit card or electronic check payments are authorized and posted automatically into the enterprise’s financial and information systems.

The Business Center offers a choice of a CORE- or customer-hosted deployment. This gives the institution an important opportunity to choose between charging customer convenience (or service) fees, or absorbing these fees as a cost of doing business.

Commerce and marketing opportunities along with end-to-end processing capability make the Business Center a compelling choice for integrated online payment processing.


  • Seamless web/portal integration
  • Secure Internet payment integration
  • Independent of credit card gateway
  • Parameter-driven design
  • A/R and financial transaction capabilities
  • Electronic check and credit card processing
  • Single-screen shopping environment
  • Summary and/or detailed account presentation
  • Multi-fund transactions
  • Transaction receipts
If you would like to discuss your needs or would like more information about the iPayment Enterprise Business Center, please contact us.