Print Technology Options for Modern Businesses

Print Technology Options for Modern Businesses

  • 24 Jan, 2019
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Despite the ways of our modern world, print technology is still not obsolete. Rather, like most things, it has improved and evolved to meet changing business needs. So, rather than rid your office of printing, discover the best option to keep your business competitive.

More Options, Better Productivity

Regardless of your industry, when it comes to printing, it is essential to explore all of the options available, including different types of printers and management services. Whether you need wide-format print capabilities, high-volume production print, or everyday laser printing, we can find the option that best meets your needs and budget.

Inkjet and Laser Printers

Inkjet and laser printers are by far the most popular options and with good reason—they are reliable and reasonably priced. Each has both advantages and disadvantages depending on your business and industry.

Inkjet printers use digital print heads to put ink onto paper creating an image. They have low up-front costs and are cost-effective to operate and maintain. On the downside, the price of ink can offset the other savings and the sensor microchips in the ink cartridges often malfunction, leading to wasted ink and money. However, this is still a good option for smaller offices with basic print needs.

If your office has a higher print volume, a laser printer may be a better choice. Laser printers use a laser and a combination of toner and heat to transfer an image onto paper. Laser printer advantages include low cost-per-page and quicker processing time. Plus, you can cut costs and reduce paper waste with simultaneous duplex printing time without sacrificing quality. While expense used to be a deterrent for most offices, these days laser printers are an affordable option for most businesses.

Production Print

For companies who do massive print jobs—like those in the financial or medical industries—production print is the smart choice.

These cost-effective, high-speed devices maximize productivity by being reliable with minimal downtime. Think of that Energizer Bunny commercial where he keeps “going and going” — that is what a production printer is like, enabling you to grow your business with high-quality prints and no interruptions.
If your business needs to churn out high volumes of custom jobs like brochure, pamphlets, and letters, production print will provide the multiple functions you need without sacrificing production time or quality. Plus, the efficient design of production printers means low cost per page documents.

When it comes to print technology, the field is ever advancing, so take the time to research and find the most appropriate option for your specific business needs. Contact us today for help with production print or laser printers.

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