Keep Pace With an In-House Production Printing System

Keep Pace With an In-House Production Printing System

  • 21 Nov, 2018
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Digital production printing technology has made it feasible for more companies to achieve professional printing results in-house. In the past, companies relied on more expensive offset printing, usually provided by a third-party printing house. If you’re thinking about bringing production printing to your home base, here’s what to consider.

Key Advantages

Unlike offset printing equipment, digital production printing systems provide fast results. Digital production printing equipment offers very fast ppm outputs, and set-up is far less time-consuming than offset’s dependence on etched metal plates for each ink color. Here’s a look at the advantages of digital production printing.

  • Lower costs — Offset press printing costs nearly twice that of digital printing. For some businesses with high-volume requirements, eliminating the cost of outsourcing is also an advantage.
  • Fast document output — Digital production printing equipment comes in a wide variety of ppm capabilities. High-volume paper trays and on-the-fly toner and paper replenishment let users keep working until the job is complete.
  • Customization — Easily target individual customers with variable data printing software.
  • Multitask — Digital production printing equipment multitasks seamlessly, allowing your team to scan, copy, and share information digitally. User-friendly interfaces make project and document management more efficient.
  • Automation — Manual tasks take away from your team’s ability to complete critical jobs on time. End-to-end automation lets them add stapling, binding, saddle-stitching and other finishing features without manual intervention.
  • ** High-quality reproduction —** Today’s digital production printing systems provide near offset quality, with high resolutions and advanced color matching software.
  • Secure your information — Worried about security? Solutions to automatically overwrite stored information, restrict access and encrypt data provide peace of mind. And keeping everything in-house limits outside touchpoints and possible security issues.

Is it time to begin researching an in-house production printing solution? Contact us at CORE Business Technologies to start the conversation today!

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