Is it Time for a Security Tune-Up?

Is it Time for a Security Tune-Up?

  • 11 Dec, 2017
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A reactive approach to security is no longer adequate. Just one mistake can lead to catastrophic damage, including fines, loss of customer confidence, lawsuits, and a loss of proprietary product data. Security systems that protect documents and information at all levels—during creation, storage, sharing, printing, and use—are a business imperative. Here’s where to begin.

1. Automate everything.

Your employees understand the meaning of the word confidential, but do they know the full scope of the word when handling your documents? Does confidential mean that no one else should have access or does it mean the document can be seen by some employees, but not all? Who are those employees? How do we go about safeguarding the document?

The only sure way to make sure your confidential documents stay that way is through automation. If your employees are forced to make a decision every time they open a document, the chances for a security violation increase dramatically.

2. Keep it simple.

Whatever solutions you deploy, simplicity is the only way to successful adoption and success going forward. A truly successful information security program offers user-friendly functionality but implements powerful solutions working in the background. A robust solution will provide infallible processes that work, even when employees aren’t sure how to proceed. For example, a pull printing solution will not allow employees to print documents unless they’re physically present at the printer. And a secure print solution won’t let unauthorized users print restricted documents without the proper authentications.

3. Provide ongoing employee training.

Employee turnover, new threats, process updates, changing compliance regulations—it’s difficult enough for your IT team to keep up, let alone your employees. Your security policies are only as good as those who use them, and ongoing training is the only way to ensure widespread implementation.

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