DISPENSEplus: Dispense to Payment

Transformative patient experiences.

CORE’s iPayment DISPENSEplus solution was purpose-built to extend the reach of your pharmacy or clinic, enhance your patient satisfaction and level of care, drive revenue for your organization, and ensure compliance of all mandates.

In today’s evolving healthcare landscape, the integrated DISPENSEplus POS solution was built from the ground up to address the changing needs of your pharmacies and clinics, as well as your patients and consumers.

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Seamless, flexible integration.

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Seamless, flexible integration.

Seamlessly integrate with leading management system providers, including Epic, Cerner, and Meditech, to deliver secure, patient-focused payment experiences. Dispense patient prescriptions and collect payments with ease for positive patient and financial outcomes.

Enhanced, secure workflows.

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Enhanced, secure workflows.

Optimize your Meds to Beds, Home Delivery, and mobile initiatives with accurate, real-time delivery of all prescriptions, while ensuring custody and control and the enforcement of secure, compliant medication dispensing.

Empowering clients to succeed

“As part of the project team on the client side at Jefferson Health, I am very excited about the potential for richer programming, configuration and interoperability that will be afforded to us with CORE. With our relationship with Epic and CORE, we will be able to channel much needed information from Epic to their DISPENSEplus point of sale solution.” Robin D. Cullen, PharmD  – Jefferson Health, Senior Clinical Informatics Specialist, WAM

What We Are Hearing From Industry Leaders and Experts

Learn how DISPENSEplus will enhance your patient satisfaction, easily process increased patient volumes in real-time, and seamlessly work in concert with your existing systems and technology to address the global issues faced by many pharmacies and clinics today.

During my recent engagement with a large healthcare pharmacy enterprise, we were looking for a solution that could solve our complex global retail pharmacy payment management and workflow issues. CORE was the only partner that came with a solution to the issues we were having. CORE was able to creatively engage with us to understand our issues and provide ideas and solutions we had not thought of. Through a combination of their DISPENSEplus solution, and strategies for extending the reach of brick and mortar pharmacies, the organization has a greater confidence about achieving its expected clinical, financial and consumer experience initiatives.

JeanAnn Lennard, RPh, MBA

Executive Consultant

Hospital and Health Systems

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