Healthcare and Managed Print Services—A Winning Combination

Healthcare and Managed Print Services—A Winning Combination

  • 27 Dec, 2017
  • CORE Business Technologies
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Your healthcare facility has one goal—to provide the best patient care possible. Business processes that help you meet that goal are critical to your success. Read on to discover how Managed Print Services can be a part of that success.

Find Out Where You Stand

Managed print services providers have the expertise and tools to assess the condition of your print environment. They’ll do a thorough evaluation of your fleet, including every laser printer, multifunction system, and desktop printer. The assessment will also uncover hidden costs and print-related workflow bottlenecks.

Managed print services professionals will also take into account your print-related administrative duties like supply reordering, inventory management, device procurement, and more.

Discover New Savings

With so much pressure to do more with less, the healthcare industry can’t afford to waste money on inefficient processes. After your print assessment, managed print services professionals will recommend simple but effective changes to reduce print-related costs. Some of these may include:

  • Automatic duplexing to save paper by printing on the back of the page.
  • Draft modes to make toner cartridges last significantly longer.
  • Increased use of scanning features on multifunction systems to digitally route documents instead of printing.
  • Automatic supply reordering following low-toner alerts.
  • Reduced administrative and storage costs associated with ordering and maintaining print-related consumables.
  • Elimination of inefficient, outdated, and redundant print devices that drain revenues but add no value to daily business processes.

Protect Your Data

Recent high-profile data breaches shed light on the importance of print security. A managed print services provider can provide you with solutions designed to secure your print environment. Strategies like data overwrite, hard disk encryption and secure removal, and user authentications are intended to help organizations avoid data breaches caused by unmanaged print environments.

A managed print environment is cost-effective, efficient, and secure. Contact us at CORE Business Technologies for a Managed Print Services evaluation today!

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