Dedicated to Customer Success

Your success is our priority.

CORE Business Technologies is invested in your success and dedicated to leveraging our knowledge and expertise to enhance your experience.

Turning payments into a positive.

CORE’s philosophy is centered on providing complete, comprehensive client support to a level that exceeds expectation ensuring that our solutions deliver value and measurable results, and put client outcomes first. As a result, CORE has assembled a talented team of professionals to empower our clients with successful outcomes.

We utilize a comprehensive Relationship Management, Customer Success and Support Model optimized specifically for you to achieve your desired unique and key business objectives, while providing continuous support throughout the duration of your relationship with CORE.

Our innovative SaaS-based payment solutions provide an easy-to-use interface for revenue management, backed by the full support of CORE teams, to ensure a frictionless experience. At CORE, we take a client-first approach in all that we do. We are committed to open collaboration and empowering our clients to achieve what is possible. When you succeed, we succeed.

Our Approach

Delivering Simplicity

At CORE, we believe in the power of creating positive payment experiences for you, your patients and consumers. For over 30 years we have delivered simplicity to the full transaction lifecycle with purpose-built, market-driven solutions; to successfully engage, inform, enable, integrate, and reconcile.