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iPayment Enterprise is a market-driven, single-vendor revenue management solution that is scalable and resilient to support enterprise-wide, integrated payments. It is your central, unified view for all inbound revenue activity and payments.

Compliance meets productivity.

Do you currently navigate multiple front-end and back-end systems to research and reconcile revenue payment activity?

For far too long, institutions have been conditioned to operate in a way that critical systems must be completely siloed even though that inhibits productivity. CORE Business Technologies sees things differently. Our dynamic SaaS payment solutions break down barriers and create game-changing integration among platforms, all while ensuring strict adherence to compliance standards. By working with your existing systems, we harmonize everything from revenue collection to reconciliation, delivering maximum efficiency while also enabling an optimal experience for both your staff and payers. It is an innovative approach, and one that empowers governments to shift their thinking from what they feel is inevitable to what we prove is possible.

Deliver simplicity.

Revenue management is, by its nature, complex. While the power of our solutions come from advanced technology behind the scenes to harness the complexities, the beauty is in the magic that makes this incredible processing capability available to users through a simple, intuitive interface for fast, frinctionless engagements.

Payments reinvented.

At CORE, we believe fast, frictionless transactions and positive payment experiences are central features of the payment system. Ultimately, what we provide to governments and their constituents is more than just a powerful back-end and easy-to-use interface. It is what takes place between the two that enables complicated data relationships to be presented in a clear, concise manner to eliminate friction, making it easier for constituents to understand what they owe and pay their bills with enhanced payment options; and for governments like yours to collect, manage, and reconcile revenue.

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