Simplify payment interactions for your institution and students

Purpose-built. Student-focused.

In today’s complex, digital world, students and other payers expect modern, convenient interactions with their education institutions. Education offers different pathways to excel, and is not limited to a single curriculum. Payments should be no different. Life is often complicated enough, so make doing business with you easy!

We understand the needs of your students and families for a simple, one-stop experience and positive engagements, as well as your desire for a secure, comprehensive revenue management solution. For enterprise-wide, receipt to reconciliation revenue management, CORE’s iPayment Enterprise was built from the ground up for institutions like yours, and those you serve.

Simplify payments, optimize your inbound revenue collections, and stay ahead of the technological curve.

CORE’s iPayment Enterprise

Administrative Center
Managed Services Gateway
eCommerce Business Center
Automated Reconciliation
eWallet Module

A dynamic, point-of-service receipting solution that provides a secure payment processing environment supporting multiple locations across your institution.

A console for centralized research, reporting and configuration functions.

Leveraging the investment in your current technology our omnichannel, integrated payment gateway securely supports all payment methods, ensuring strong collections across your institution.

24/7 eCommerce promotes self-service for easy online payments.

A robust tool to automate reconciliation of bank deposits and host system.

Allows students and payers to securely store payment methods on file for future use.


Create simplified, positive payment experiences.

An integrated PCI certified Managed Services Gateway providing an end-to-end solution for card and ACH processing across all departments at your institution.

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