Device Security Means Network Security

Device Security Means Network Security

  • 7 Feb, 2019
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On any given day, confidential business information is being sent over your network. What’s more, devices such as printer, copiers, and MFPs can store some of that private information on internal hard drives. Since these vulnerable devices provide an easy-access gateway to hackers, if your print devices are not secured, neither is your network.

Taking Stock of Your Security

When it comes to security, most company’s focus on the big picture and the only way to get an accurate read of the full picture is by taking stock of all of the components that comprise it. Remember that expensive copier the boss wanted that essentially just sits in the corner of his office. Well, while no one is monitoring it, hackers could be using it as an entryway to your network. So, how can you be more vigilant and ensure your data is protected?


Most print technology — printers, copiers, MFPs — has authentication software and other features that can assist with security. Authentication requires that users enter a PIN code when using a device. Further measures such as key cards and biometrics are becoming increasingly popular. These types of restrictions help with security as well as curtailing waste as you can better track print habits by user or department.


The same technologies that make modern print equipment work for today’s businesses are also the ones that can leave your data at risk. Role-based permissions allow administrators to control access to information that is stored on printer and copier hard drives.

Secure Print

Secure print is a feature that requires users to enter a password to “release” a print job at the device. If you already have authentication, this works as an extra layer of security. However, if you do not have other security measures in place, this is a basic feature that you should implement ASAP. Pull-print is a secure and convenient option that enables employees to retrieve a document from any compatible networked device with password entry.

The bottom line — unless your print devices are secure, your network could be at risk. Learn more about network security.

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