Check Printer Management Off of Your To-Do List

Check Printer Management Off of Your To-Do List

  • 27 Feb, 2019
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If you made a list of all of your responsibilities at work, would managing your printers be on there? Moreover, if it is on the list, where would it fall in the ranks? Chances are it is close to the bottom. The reality is that while print devices are essential to business operations, managing and maintaining them can be a time-consuming hassle.

So, how can you take this off your to-do list? Managed print services is the best way to simplify all of your print needs and eliminate print worries.

Maximizing Print with PrintCare Services

With managed print services, you don’t have to worry about how many different MFPs you have or your cost-per-page because we do it for you. Our managed print services team can assess your entire print environment and determine:

  • How many devices you have
  • The cost of maintaining each printer or copier
  • The best equipment for your print needs
  • Your overall print costs and ways to reduce expenses
  • How to increase print efficacy in your workplace
  • And more!

Calculating and Cutting Costs

Ask any business owner who has implemented managed print services, and they will tell you that discovering how much they were spending on print came as a big shock to them. On the whole, print is a business area that is not only expensive but also boasts hidden costs.

Since you probably don’t even know how many devices you have and how many employees are using each one, chances are you are blind to how much you spend monthly or annually just printing documents. With MPS, we will determine how many devices you have, how much you are spending on print supplies, ways to increase productivity, and areas where you can cut back on expenses.

To protect both your print documents and electronic communications, pair managed print services with managed IT services for broad-spectrum solutions that cover all of your business needs.

Learn more about cutting costs with Managed Print Solutions.

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