The Automation Affect: Can it Save Production Printing?

The Automation Affect: Can it Save Production Printing?

  • 19 Feb, 2019
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Talk of automation at the forefront of many business conversations. Although humans are not yet obsolete, the business is reaching what experts call the automation tipping point. Although the need for humans in the workforce will probably never go away completely, automation has certainly gained traction in the last few years — driven by customer requests, faster delivery, lower price points, and an on-demand attitude. So, what does this demand for automation mean for the print industry? Increased need for reliable production print.

Production print must keep pace with the bigger, faster, cheaper mentality. Print shops are challenged to maintain high-quality while competing with lower costs and the threat of outsourcing. Is automation the solution for production print becoming more efficient, consistent, and effective?

Into the Web

With the Internet came convenience for production print, primarily in the form of email and improved customer communication, but not necessarily on the back end where most things were still being done manually, such as billing, fulfillment, and shipping.
With the advent of new production print software, automation could become the new standard for print, automating the entire process, including acquisition, fulfillment, production, communication, and billing.

To Automate or Not

Here are just some of the benefits of adopting automation software into your production print program:
* Order acquisition is made easier since no matter how or when a job arrives; it can be processed and managed through one integrated program.
* Automated file conversion, “pre-flight,” and preview options enable you to review and request changes without leaving the software program, ensuring that jobs are done right and that changes are corrected promptly.
* Post-print automation with accounting and shipping as part of the program, information is sent directly to the appropriate departments without you having to worry about it. Plus, the client is notified and updated throughout the print process
* With automated reporting, you always know what is going on with your production print jobs so that you can look for areas of improvement. Easily gain insights such as how long a press is running or the time length of a particular task.

If you think automation might be right for you and still have questions, contact us today and learn more.

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