5 Ways Leasing Can Help Your Business Acquire New Copiers

5 Ways Leasing Can Help Your Business Acquire New Copiers

  • 5 Dec, 2018
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Whether you’re a new business looking for an entire line-up of printers and copiers or an established company ready to upgrade, leasing is often the best choice. Here’s why so many organizations acquire their new copiers through a lease agreement.

  1. No upfront cash payment — The cost of daily office processes shouldn’t take away from core business goals. Leasing your copiers lets you acquire the technology you need without dipping into your operating capital.
  2. Flexible payment schedules — Lease agreements vary in length and monthly payment amounts. If you’ve found a trusted technology provider, they’ll work with you to match the right copiers with a lease agreement structure your budget can handle.
  3. Faster equipment upgrades — While it’s true that you could purchase your copiers, leasing provides a unique advantage when you’re ready to upgrade. Because you haven’t invested a lump sump in the purchase of your equipment, you’ll be more likely to continue leasing to take advantage of the latest technologies. Your equipment provider will also ensure that no sensitive information remains on the device hard drive.
  4. No maintenance hassles — When you’ve leased your copiers, ownership remains with the equipment provider. In many cases, service, parts, and supplies can be included in the lease agreement. Be sure that you have a thorough understanding of the agreed-upon terms so you’ll know what to expect.
  5. Access to new technologies — If you’ve invested a considerable amount of cash in purchasing copiers, you may be reluctant to upgrade when you should. Technology changes rapidly, and upgrading within five years is about right, especially in light of current print security concerns.

The first step in finding the right copiers is finding the right technology provider. At CORE Business Technologies, we’ve been serving satisfied clients since 1983. Contact us today!

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