5 Compelling Reasons to Bring Production Print In-House

5 Compelling Reasons to Bring Production Print In-House

  • 20 Sep, 2018
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Should you bring your production print requirements in-house? Here’s a look at some of the advantages.

  1. Make your own schedule. Why wait in line behind every other print order in town? With in-house production print capabilities, your staff can change course on a dime, meeting critical project deadlines and responding to marketing trends in record time.
  2. Control your results. Your in-house graphic arts team is already designing first-class materials for your company; why not let them put their skills to use on a state-of-the-art Savin production print system? Your staff probably already possesses much of the knowledge required to take your materials from start to finish, and your equipment provider will be there to provide ongoing professional training and support.
  3. Improve project workflows. Waiting for a print outsourcer to update your blueprints isn’t good for your schedule or your client’s project deadline. With a wide-format production print solution of your own, you can update blueprints as soon as the change order comes in and not a moment later. Built-in workflow solutions allow for ongoing, real-time collaboration, even when co-workers are working in different locations.
  4. Maintain information security. Is your industry under strict privacy regulations? Information security is an ever-present business requirement, and keeping sensitive documents in-house is always the best course to take. You can also take advantage of print security software to improve your company’s compliance strategy.
  5. Get a tax break. While you can deduct the cost of printed materials no matter where they come from, there’s a significant tax break when you bring production print equipment in-house. Check with your tax advisor to find out how your equipment lease or purchase payments qualify as a tax write-off for this fiscal year.

Today’s production print equipment is reliable, user-friendly, and comes with the latest in print technology features. Contact us at CORE to schedule a hands-on demonstration today!

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