4 Managed Network Advantages You Should Consider

4 Managed Network Advantages You Should Consider

  • 13 Dec, 2018
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Should your business keep network management in-house or move some or all of your IT responsibilities to a managed services provider? There are up, and downsides to keeping everything in-house, but the combination of rapidly growing technologies and ongoing security risks have made moving to a managed solution very appealing.

The Outsourced Advantage

In-house solutions often seem like the better choice until you’ve penciled out the cost or worse, found out after the fact that your organization is not fully equipped to deal with the financial and practical responsibilities. Here’s what to take into consideration.

  • Cost control — An in-house solution means you’re responsible for everything from hardware and repairs to salary and benefit packages for your employees. A managed solution allows for budget predictability—a real advantage when finances are limited.
  • Knowledge and experience — Network management companies make it their priority to hire the best talent and stay up-to-date on emerging technologies—they’ve no other choice if they’re to succeed at what they do. The upside for you is that you get access to their expertise without having to pay for expensive training or spend your time attending tech seminars.
  • Equipment and tools — Because technology is always changing, the tools to keep equipment functional are also changing. Outsourcing means someone else will bear the financial burden for everything from test equipment to specialized tools.
  • Security — Staying abreast of the latest network security threats is a full-time job. Network management companies make it their business to know where the risks are and how to stop an attack before it has a chance to impact your business. And with 24/7 monitoring, your company will be protected around the clock.

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