3 Simple Managed Print Solutions That Reduce Costs

3 Simple Managed Print Solutions That Reduce Costs

  • 26 Dec, 2018
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Successful business managers know that it’s vital to stay on top of expenses, and any activity that you’re not tracking is probably costing too much money. Print spending often goes unnoticed, with purchases falling into miscellaneous categories and no one person or department providing oversight. A Managed Print Services analysis often shows businesses that the situation is worse than they’d feared, with costs coming in as high as 3% of annual revenues.

Reduce Your Print Costs

Managed Print Services companies can provide the right mix of solutions to address your hidden printing costs. Changes that on the surface appear to be very simple can have a significant impact on your budget. Here are three simple ways to address the issue of print-related overspending and redirect your lost revenues with Managed Print Services.

Upgrade Inefficient Equipment

Your outdated devices can cost more to keep than replace. New print technologies use less energy than old machines, and most include solutions to reduce paper and supply consumption. Maintenance costs are also lower, and you won’t be faced with the problem of paying for expensive, obsolete parts.

Stop Wasting Money on Maintenance

Managed Print Services providers take over routine maintenance and repairs for your printer fleet. You’ll have less downtime, eliminate expensive repair bills, and give your team the equipment they need to get on with their projects.

Automate Supply Replenishment

Keeping the right toner on hand can be a hassle, and a missed order can bring workflows to a standstill. Managed Print Services monitor print equipment, so they know when toner levels are low. They’ll initiate a delivery in time to cover any shortages, and you won’t need to babysit a supply cabinet.

There’s a lot more to gain with Managed Print Services. Contact us at CORE Business Technologies today!

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