Addressing the Latest Security Challenges

Addressing the Latest Security Challenges

  • 13 Apr, 2018
  • CORE Business Technologies
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The growing adoption of mobile computing combined with the powerful document workflow capabilities on multifunction printers is providing new opportunities for business growth. With these opportunities, however, come new security challenges that every business must address.

The Challenges

The increased capabilities offered by digital technology means businesses can’t afford to let new security threats remain unanswered.

Multifunction printers and their print, copy, scan, and fax capabilities have been widely adopted by millions of organizations around the world. When MFPs were transformed from simple output devices to powerful document workflow tools, business leaders were faced with security vulnerabilities of an entirely different nature.

Mobile devices are now widely recognized as an acceptable way for work-from-home, BYOD, and traveling employees to access core business documents from any location. Business benefits include improved collaboration, lower costs, and faster turnaround times for daily processes in every department. The need for secure document storage and mobile printing is more critical than ever.

Addressing the Challenges

Mobile computing delivers incredible opportunities for growth for even the newest startup. Fortunately, the tech industry is up to the challenge of providing security solutions to keep bad actors away from your data. Here’s what they suggest:

Multifunction printers must be included in company security protocols along with servers, computers, and mobile devices. Remote monitoring, hard drive solutions, data encryption, print tracking and other solutions offered by equipment providers should be implemented without delay.

Mobile and BYOD workers should be included in company security policies. Failure to do so gives mobile workforces little choice but to find workarounds and solutions that could put your data at risk. Login protocols, data encryption, blacklisting risky apps, and solutions to erase data from lost or stolen mobile devices can mitigate the most common risks.

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