CarewareSecureSM is CORE’s Internet-managed data security offering that protects your business network from viruses, malware, spyware, objectionable content, unauthorized web-surfing, network intrusions and other cyber crime. It is a total perimeter and internal defense system with spam and web filtering that gives you peace of mind knowing your information is safe.

As an integrated product-and-service offering, CarewareSecure℠ is a comprehensive solution that includes:

  • A firewall configured and installed at the customer’s business location
  • A pre-screening security assessment to ensure a streamlined installation
  • A post-screening vulnerability assessment after the firewall is installed, including testing and scanning for internal and external vulnerability and penetration risks
  • Server “hardening” modifications to prevent attacks
  • Quarterly security assessments throughout the term of the customer’s contract
  • Policy and procedure review and deployment
  • Access to CORE’s security professionals
  • Proactive, automatically generated quarterly reports


Like a home security monitoring service, CarewareSecure℠ alerts you—and CORE—when someone or some information is not authorized in and/or out of your company’s internal data network. It protects against:

  • Theft of proprietary company information (e.g., e-mail orders), business plans, sensitive human resources information, databases, company logos, trademarks, etc.
  • Alteration of payroll information
  • Publicizing payroll information on public websites
  • Hacker attacks
  • Unauthorized user access to company information
  • Forced computer crashes or changes to the resident data
  • Virus infection of networks, malware, spyware
  • Transmission of objectionable content (e.g., profanity or religiously offensive material via company e-mail)

Its Advantages Include:

  • Increased productivity with reduced internal IT/administration costs
  • Trustworthy remote-access connectivity
  • Secure e-commerce transactions
  • Network security protection from unauthorized access
  • Controlled and managed network traffic
  • Elimination or restriction of web-surfing and blocked access to inappropriate Internet websites
  • Preventing data deletion and corruption

The industry-standard security products that we configure and install include:

  • Netscreen’s IDP intrusion detection and prevention devices
  • Juniper Netscreen content filters and Barricuda web filters.
  • Netscreen and Cisco firewalls and VPNs

If you have a project need or would simply like us to perform an audit of your installation, please contact us or call 1.866.567.CORE (2673).